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PicFlipMonitors Brings You Totally Wireless Teleprompting!


Introducing our 10" 16 x 9 500 Nits monitor with a wireless receiver built in.

GT10-10" 5.8GHz Wireless Monitor - 16 x 9  500 Nits


This wireless monitor will receive a signal from a Transmitter at your workstation, enabling you to provide completely Wireless Teleprompting. It runs on 5.8GHz and has 32 different channels to choose from. Please note - like any consumer wireless system, line of sight offers the best results. Signal will weaken going through walls.


In addition to receiving a wireless signal, it will also accept a composite input as well as a HDMI input making quite the utility monitor. It also includes a Sun Shade!



Look at these DC Power Options:

• Included Internal Battery Lasts 2 Hours
• Included DC Direct In - Unlimited Hours
• Optional Anton Bauer D-Tap - Longer Hours $65
• Optional External Battery Plates: $35

The Panasonic Battery Plate will add an additional 4 hours run time to the monitor. $35 (with your Panasonic Battery)


The Canon Battery Plate will add an additional 1hours run time to the monitor: $35 (with your Canon Battery)


Ask about batteries and chargers. We carry them!


Optional Antennas

The Directional Antennas included with the monitor are quite acceptable but consider up-grading to Omni-Directional antennas for better reception. $55 (Includes two antennas for the Monitor and one antenna for the Transmitter)

Omni-Directional Antennas

Mounting Options


We have included a mounting plate on the back of the monitor to aid in mounting the monitor to a camera. Attach a coupling device that you normally attach monitors with and you're ready to shoot.


If you don't have any devices, consider one of our Telescopic Mounting Arms. $360


This device attaches to the 1/4 20 hole on most camera handles and enables you to 'float' the monitor over the lens for hand held or StediCam use.


Rear Telescopic Mount


Carrying Case


Case all your wireless equipment up in a custom carrying case and you're ready to go! $150


Carrying Cases

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