Lightweight Jib Mounting System

    Lightweight Jib or Tripod Mounting System for 10 & 12 Inch Monitors

    Jib Mounting System

    Our lightweight Jib mount is a clean, easy way to mount a 10 or 12 inch monitor on a Jib Arm. The system includes two parts: A monitor mount tongue with a hinged mirror, & hood.

    The second part of the system is the Rod Based Mounting System using the camera’s 15mm & 19mm rods.

    Price: $1450 (Monitor & Eyebrow not included)

    Jib Mount shown with a 10" Monitor

    Jib Mount with 10

    Jib Mount without a monitor but with optional Eyebrow for controlling lens flares

    Jib Mount Eyebrow

    The system mounts to the camera using a Rod Block for either 15mm or 19mm rods (provided by the camera department)

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    From the side you can see the clean lines of the frame when paired with one of our 10" Hi-brite monitors. Please note that the Hood has been removed from the mirror frame for ease of viewing. Also from the front, with the optional Eyebrow for reducing lens flare

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    Side & Front view of Monitor and Eyebrow

    Lightweight Jib Arm Mounting System includes:

    • 14.75 x 13.75 Inch Hinged Mirror Assembly (70/30) & Hood
    • Mounting Sled & Rod Blocks (15mm & 19mm)
    • Weighs 8 lbs. (without monitor or camera)


    Lightweight Jib Mount System - For use on a Jib Arm

    Price: $1450 (Monitor & Eyebrow not included)

    Optional EyeBrow

    Many times jib shots will have lens flairs from the lighting grid. Adding an adjustable Eyebrow can help eliminate these flairs.


    Optional Eyebrow

    GT-JEB $225


    Eyebrow closed

    Eyebrow open

    Eyebrow open

    Optional C-Stand Adaptor

    The Jib System is normally mounted to the camera via 15mm or 19mm rods and rail blocks. If these are not available, you can mount the system on a C-stand and then place the system in front of the camera.

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    C-Stand Prompter Mount

    Optional C-stand Adapter

    GT-JEB: Price: $85

    Padded Carrying Bag For Jib System

    Padded Carrying Bag For Jib System

    Optional Carrying Bag For Jib System

    GT-CB $145

    Carry Bag for Mirror

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